Guide 3 – Identity & Blocks


New science is showing how subconscious blocks and incongruent identity can keep individuals from growing to our next version of where we are going. If you feel this might apply to you, spend some time on this guide.

Identity Shift

When you are levelling up, many times it can be discouraging because we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. But don’t worry, because there is a faster way! You just need to change your perspective.

This is the key that is quite literally hiding in plain sight, yet mostly goes unnoticed. And once it’s found, it is the one key that instantly resolves everything; All searching, all questioning, all doubting, all wondering how, instantly dissolves into total embodied knowing… That you have complete mastery over what you have created and what you desire to create in your life.

The only thing standing in your way is the embodiment of doubt that can be easily remedied with this shift in identity.

To help define your next WHO + WHAT + WHY, and how to reinforce this new identity to move up to your next level, watch this video.

Subconscious Blocks

Dr. Bruce Harold Lipton, an American developmental biologist notable for his views on epigenetics, has a lifetime of research on how subconscious blocks can keep us from becoming the next version of our best selves.

Creatiq works with a host of practitioners that can assist you with nearly instantaneous removal of such blocks. Contact your Account Manager if you would like more info.

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